Machine Frame with 3 Linear Axes:

Machine frames are made from natural granite and are available in a variety of configurations to suit customer requirements. They may be integrated with ultra precision air slides making them suitable for different types of machining operation, instrumentation or measurement applications. The air slides are modular in construction incorporating direct drive linear motors, high resolution encoders and sealing bellows.

Machine Frame with 3 Linear Axes

Example Specification:   

The frame shown to the left has 3 air bearing slide modules and is mounted on rubber vibration isolators. The weight of the vertical slide is fully compensated by frictionless air cylinders. The short form specifiction is:-

Parameter Value
Overall frame size (w x d x h) mm 775 x 650 x 965
Overall weight (kg) 500
Slide travel – base slide (mm) 200
Slide travel – gantry slide (mm) 250
Slide travel – vertical slide (mm) 150
Peak drive force – All slides (N) 238
Encoder Resolution* – All slides (nm) 2
Straightness of travel – All slides (μm) +/-0.1 per 100 mm
Load Capacity** - All slides (N) 1000 (5 Bar supply pressure)
Stiffness*** – All slides (N/μm) 320 (5 Bar supply pressure)









*  With electronic interpolation
**  Assuming the load acts through the centre of the carriage
*** Acting through the centre of the carriage

Developed in collaboration with ITP Group UK and Brunel University, funded by the European Commission under the framework 6 programme.


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